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Peder Sloth Züricho

Cand.Stud.Scient. Medialogy - Specialization in games

Description of my Masters Programme "You will learn to develop games for specific target groups. The demand for interactive games is increasing; games which immerse the players and provide good experiences. There are now markets for many kinds of games such as casual, educational, serious, and platform-dependent games (e.g. for smartphones), etc. In order for you to be able to navigate these dynamic games’ markets, you need both theoretical and practical knowledge on programming, artificial intelligence (AI), game physics, data mining, interactivity, user testing, narratives, cognition, and digital culture. Game development is a truly multidisciplinary topic." Aalborg University

Highschool Graduate of 2015 at Alssundgymnasiet Sønderborg with GPA equivalent of B, or 9,8 Danish 7 point scale. Maths A Level, Physics B Level, Spanish A Level, Danish A Level, History A Level, English B Level, Chemistry B Level, Other subjects at C: Art, Religion, Clasical Studies, Natural Georgraphy, Latin Basics, Physical Excercise. (2012-2015).

I fluently speak: English and Danish. I am profound in: Norweigan and Sweedish. I can get by in: Spanish and German.

Educational Background

BSc. Medialogy 2015-2019 and currently styding MSc. Medialogy - Games 2018-2022

I have a Bachelor of Science in Medialogy And Currently I am a Master of Science Student in Medialogy - Specialization of Games or Game Design, 195 ECTS points completed so far (BSc incl.), I finished 15 ECTS on the Masters in january 2019 and I decided to retake the 3 courses again this fall to become better at them. While this is going on i focus on my portfolio work, and game jams along the lines of becomming better at the stuff tought duing the bachelor.

Medialogy Course and Project contents:

1st Semester

  • Creative Play - Applied Technology - 5ECTS
  • Introduction to Programming - 5ECTS
  • Problem Based Learning in Science, Technology and Society - 5ECTS
  • Designing from Both Sides of The Screen - 10ECTS
  • Audio-Visual Sketching - 5ECTS

2nd Semester

  • Mathematics for Multimedia Applications - 5ECTS
  • Programming for Interaction - 5ECTS
  • Human-Computer Interaction - 15ECTS
  • Interaction Design - 5ECTS

3rd Semester

  • Human Senses and Perception - 5ECTS
  • Visual Computing-Human Perception - 15ECTS
  • Programming of Complex Software Systems - 5ECTS (used C# for this course some use C++)
  • Image Processing - 5ECTS (also C# where some have used C++)

4th Semester

  • Design and Analysis of Experiments - 5ECTS
  • Audio Processing - 5ECTS
  • Sound Computing and Sensor Technology - 15ECTS
  • Physical Interface Design - 5ECTS (Elctrical engineering of small circuts)

5th Semester

  • Audio-Visual Experiments - 15ECTS (Solo Project in VR)
  • Screen Media - 5ECTS (Film making from a directors point of view)
  • Rendering and Animation Techniques - 5ECTS (mathematics and appliances)
  • Computer Graphics Programming - 5ECTS (Shader programming in unity's .cg language based of nVidia's documentation.

6th Semester

  • BSc Project (Interactive Systems Design) - 15 ECTS
  • Real-time Interfaces and Interactions - 5ECTS (Extensive methods models and sensor technology for realtime interaction design and evaluation)
  • Theory and Practice of Game Design - 5ECTS (trivial course teaching to Game Jam)
  • Artificial Intelligence Programming - 5ECTS (But actually worth of approx 10 ECTS - deep learning, Reinforcement learning, Traditional AI approach such as predictive models and clusters etc.)

7th Semester

  • Sensing Media - Games (Game Design specialization) - 15ECTS (Was a collaborative project with Innovaid A/S)
  • User Experience design - 5ECTS
  • Machine Learning for Media Technology - 5ECTS (Planned for retake in autumn 2021)
  • Multimodal Perception and Cognition - 5ECTS

8th Semester

  • Mediating Reality - Games (Game Design specialization) - 15ECTS
  • Algorithms, Data Structures, and Software Engineering for Media Technology - 5ECTS
  • Embodied Interaction - 5ECTS
  • Modelling Physical Systems - 5ECTS

9th Semester

  • Scheduled for autumn 2021
  • To read more about POWIAC See: AAU.dk

Previous Video Game Related Positions

Paid Jobs

Teaching Position at Brønderslev Ungdomsskole

Position In subject App and Video Game Development, for years 8, 9, and 10 (Danish 7-9 klassetrin) Was a cooperative position with a Software Enigneer, and 2 classes with 4 days 8 hours teachings and regular classes at 1 hour 30 mins at a time on my own. Including the paper work for the school to get approval and licensed to teach the elective subject from the minitsry. Positon was time limited to 1 school year and worked for the entire duration.

Position as Call-In Substitute Teacher In video game development at Game2Grow in Aalborg munincipal.

Position require Driver's license, I was hired in spring of 2016, (potentially still 'employed' never resigned, never signed any payed work other than the job in Brønderslev listed above, and never fired)

Unpaid Jobs

Various voluntary positions UNF Game Development Camp 2020 Link

Organizer, currently listed as helper for 3D and potential Photography, I also might teach Brainstorm and or Prototyping, and probably itterate on the material for the one doing them.

Various voluntary positions UNF Game Development Camp 2019 Link

Organizer, Teacher in Brain Stoming, prototyping and QA, also helper for 3D and a Mentor/Supervisor for the participants, furthermore had to streach the pedagogical experience to the full this time around, handling situations with a foreign participant, where language barriers caused a few issues, which I needed to handle with the other organizers involved.

Extra help at Game development camp 2018 for 3 days Link

It was planned to be a visit, but turned out they needed a hand with the educational fair at and some night shifts for the firewatch, which ended up helping with, i was encourage to apply for 2019 which i did.

Credited Game Tester for Figment Game by Bedtime Digital Games

Various voluntary positions UNF - Game Development Camp 2016 Link

Organizer and helper in Source Tree/git & 3D, I was also mentor/supervisor for the participants, I was not reconsidered for 2017 and didn't apply in 2018

2D participant UNF Game Development Camp 2015 Link

I had applied for 2014 but that camp was cancelled due to financial circumstances, though i got from relialble sources that i had been accepted. The camp had a scope of 72 participants, and the 2015 had a scope of just 42, but i was accepted anyway and I learned the pipeline from a 2D artists point of view. The game has been remastered in WebGL and WindowsX86 for Windows10 in 2019 and can be played here.

3D participant UNF Game Development Camp 2013 Link

First game jam, and first game I ever made in an actual 3D engine, I had fooled around with 3ds Max and notepad changed 3d myself. but got proper tought how to use the tools, i was fairly good at it also, the game is unavailable to play without the right UnityWebplayer version and a browser with plugin support, but its listed here with video footage. We were less than 72 paricipants.

Did work placement/internship of primaryschool lasting 1 week at IO-Interactive Copenhagen in 2012.

Positions of Trust

Member of the Secondary School's Board, 2 year position

1year of membership without voting privileges, followed by 1 year with voting priviliges, taking care of the school and its students, evaluating teaching plans put forward from the administration and headmaster, approving investments, i recieved verbal admiration and praise for my work, when i left the council due to ending education. august 2013 - june 2015.

Voluntary work at my Doormitories

Network Admin 2016 - june 2019 - taken over by Netic A/S due legal practicalities.

Initial membership of the IT-Comittee from june 2015, during my time i had a major change on the Rack inserting Ubiquiti switches and setup of these to provide gigabit ethernet, and new patch panels and cable management which was appauling when I took over, to neat small colourcoded patch-cables stacked and managed to easy identification and help. As loggin is required for warrants and issues with common vlan, i proposed a solution with a profesional company running parts of the network, in line with other repeating wishes, since the workload to help people got greater, I didn't have time to service all, although longer response time for help, i can now focus on front end support and let the backend and rack be serviced and supported by Netic A/S. My new position is such still as Parital Network Admin and Primary Contact to Netic A/S, and secondly serving the common area's mid-level equipement such as Routers, AP's and other Hardware. As Such it is my responsibility to delegate work to the other members of the comittee. The change was also made due to the prospect of no heir to the positions, which would leave the doorm without internet or capable / able people to deal with it, as i cannot live here forever.

Chairman of the Doormitrys selfowned union & council and member of the Shareholders Board(2019-)

Reluctantly i took the position as chairman and the duties that come with it, as the state of things had come to a stand still. I Decided to make sure that wheels started running, and recruit new residents to participate in the voluntary work. As Chairman my duties also lie in handling complaints, and making sure they are adressed. I have delegated most work possible to other residents to make sure to keep people active enough to take over once i finish my education, and have to move.

Brief voluntary work as scout leader at age 16

Responsibility for kids with knifes and other scout tools from 7-10 years of age, was very brief.

Scout for 9 years

I was a scout from age 6 til young adulthood did equivalent work of an Eagle Scout